About Us

We know we’ve earned your trust. Therefore, today we will reveal a little secret – we will tell you how Tradernew creates simple, relevant and useful content for you to use.

Nowadays, finding information about investing and trading in financial markets is not difficult. There is a lot of material published on the Internet on this topic. But far from always this information is reliable, relevant and suitable for practical use. Tradernew solves this problem.

We try to create an information product for a wide range of people interested in improving their financial well-being. Therefore, everything we offer you to get acquainted with is presented in a simple and understandable form. This is done so that you can use our information and find the best solutions in your work in the financial markets.

We try to explain complex topics in a simple and understandable language, without excessive use of professional terms. We believe this approach is correct, it allows more people to understand the intricacies of working in the financial markets. If you need a guide on actions in a specific market situation, confirmed by technical and analytical data, then we will definitely provide it to you.

Our materials talk about how you can make money in the financial markets and what you need to do for this. We openly and objectively cover all problematic issues related to the activities of brokerage companies, listen and discuss various points of view on this matter.

We understand that there are different approaches to trading and investing. For this, various strategies, technical and analytical base are used. We are supporters of an individual approach to each participant of exchange and over-the-counter trading. But at the same time, we have worked and will continue to work for everyone who strives for their financial well-being.

Our Mission

We want to be your most reliable ally in your pursuit of financial well-being.

Our content creation process

Tradernew’s editorial and financial expertise team is committed to producing quality content that meets the highest journalistic standards. We make every effort to ensure that our material is comprehensive, timely, unbiased and suitable for practical use.

Our robust review process

All of our content, recommendations and conclusions are reviewed by a team of financial professionals and professional journalists to ensure accuracy and authenticity. Our team of financial reviewers consists of practicing traders, professional investors, analysts. All of them have extensive experience in the financial sector.

Our authors

Tradernew carefully selects the authors of the articles. We test them on subject knowledge and relevant life experiences. We are in constant contact with our authors and provide them with all the necessary materials to improve their skills.

Our links, sources and quotes

We have strict rules for choosing information sources. We primarily rely on data provided by reputable financial agencies, government agencies and regulators. Analysts’ opinions are taken into account only if their forecasts come true with a high degree of probability.

Each article is carefully researched before publication, and sources are checked for relevance, reliability and objectivity.

Relevance of information

Our experts constantly monitor the situation in the financial markets. We update our articles when data becomes available showing dramatic changes in these markets.

We have a set schedule for updating publications. But changes to the content can be made quickly, based on:

  • Changes in the behavior of a particular asset.
  • The emergence of new factors that can have a significant impact on the market value of an asset.
  • Changes in the work of the brokerage company that affect the quality of customer service.
  • Introduction of new methods for analyzing the market situation.
  • Feedback from readers and their informed comments.

When a reader alerts us to a potential issue with our content, we take immediate action. This may be a message about inaccurate, outdated or conflicting information. Our experts study the feedback, determine what changes need to be made, after which an updated article is published.

Our communication style

We understand that financial issues concern each of us. And not everyone is going smoothly on the path to financial well-being. Therefore, we listen carefully to people when they share their personal stories and try to help them.

Our communication materials use business style, which is based on simplicity, accuracy and reliability. We keep the language used in the trading communities. But at the same time, we carefully select words to make the content understandable to a wide range of our readers.

Our priorities

We know that your trust must be earned. Therefore, all our content is developed with your needs in mind. First of all, we provide you with material that you can already use in practice and receive financial benefits from it.

Orientation to the needs of the user is the basis of our editorial policy.

Your opinion is welcome

Together we can achieve more. Therefore, we invite everyone who has something to say about trading and investment to feel free to express their opinion.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the accuracy, usability of our content, or feel the article is out of date, you can let us know.

You strive for financial well-being. We will help you achieve what you want

Finances play an important role in the life of any person. Therefore, many of you are making every effort to earn. Sometimes this is not easy to do. Difficulties arise where it is impossible to do without the qualified help of specialists. We are ready to help you and support you on your path to financial success.

We will help you understand complex financial issues, show you with simple examples how to manage money so that it makes a profit. Everything that we are ready to share with you has been tested in practice. With our help, you can avoid many mistakes and make better decisions in managing your finances.

Our goal is to always be there to help you achieve financial wellness.

Tradernew provides reliable information:

  • About the methods and rules of profitable investment.
  • About the most profitable assets, the purchase of which can bring significant financial benefits to the investor.
  • About brokerage companies operating in financial markets. Information about brokers is supplemented by reviews of real people who have previously worked or are currently cooperating with a brokerage company.

People often come to us with different questions. We treat them equally carefully, trying to help everyone. And if you have any problems with investing, we will try to help you. There are no trifles in matters related to finance. Together we will find the right solution to earn more without much risk to your investment capital.

We hope that the materials posted on the Tradernew financial portal will be useful to you, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor. The portal allows you to learn how to trade in financial markets, get acquainted with the psychology of trading or learn how to make a profit in trading cryptocurrencies or stocks.

We are dynamically developing and striving to become the best financial portal in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. More than 15,000 people visit Tradernew every month.

If you came to the portal to find out how you can make money on investments, to study the features of a financial asset, to connect to one of our communities or to use the recommendations for choosing a broker, then you are in the right place. The portal has everything you need. Text and video materials posted on the Tradernew website are informative and do not require special training to understand. A team of professionals works with the portal, and you can always count on their help.

Our team

The Tradernew team is a close-knit team consisting of highly professional specialists. We are united by one goal – to do everything possible to ensure that your business is successful. The editorial staff includes more than 40 people:

  • Traders with many years of experience in the Forex currency market.
  • Professional stock market investors.
  • Financial experts and analysts.

Common to all members of our team is:

  • High level of professionalism at work.
  • High level of business and ethical qualities.
  • Cohesion and team spirit.
  • Creativity and non-standard thinking.
  • Continuous development and self-improvement.
  • Dedication

Based on knowledge and experience, we create an information product and provide services of the highest quality. The information we publish is accurate and up-to-date. It is based on analytical data obtained from primary sources. We create our product for people who want to make money in the financial markets.

Tradernew Edition

The editorial board of Tradernew is constantly working to make information about investments and earnings in the financial markets accessible, understandable and useful in practice. We want the materials we publish to be really useful to people, helping them make the best decisions in investment and trading activities. Therefore, all our content goes through several stages of verification. Working on its creation:

  • Qualified authors.
  • Editors.
  • Financial dimensions.

At each stage, the material is carefully checked. Before publication, it receives the approval of an experienced trader or investor. Therefore, inaccuracies or erroneous estimates in any textual material posted on the portal are minimized. Our experts constantly monitor the changes taking place in the financial markets of the world. When new information appears, we update our articles.

Our programs

Tradernew’s mission is to help people increase their returns on their investments and educate those who are just trying to succeed in the financial markets. To do this, we have developed several programs:

  • Training in Forex trading
  • Working with stocks on the stock market.
  • Cryptocurrency as an investment tool.
  • The best brokerage companies for working in financial markets.

For each of these programs, Tradernew has prepared a series of materials for you. For example, an OTC trading training program includes:

  • Basic concepts of trading in the Forex currency market.
  • Practical recommendations.
  • Analytical studies of currency movements (technical and fundamental analysis).
  • Strategy and tactics of trading.
  • Trader’s toolkit (technical indicators and expert advisors).

We have also prepared extensive material about brokers providing services to traders and investors. This program provides:

  • Detailed analysis of brokerage companies.
  • Rating of brokers. When compiling and updating it, we take into account your opinion.

Follow us

We know that the path to financial well-being is not easy. But it is easier to cope with difficulties when there are like-minded people and friends nearby. We want to become such a friend for everyone who sets a goal – to achieve financial success and is confidently moving towards it.

TraderNew has its own pages on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and VKontakte. These communities bring together people of different ages and professions and give them the opportunity to:

  • Receive the latest information about events in the financial markets.
  • Share your financial investing experience
  • Offer and receive help from business colleagues.

We will be glad if you join us and become a full member of our community.

Data Policy

Funding for the Tradernew portal comes from ad revenue, sponsored content, and affiliate programs. It should be noted that a significant part of our budget is made up of funds coming from advertisers. They allow us to:

  • Prepare high-quality text materials accompanied by videos.
  • Involve independent experts and receive from them information that is useful for portal visitors.

Despite this, we retain complete independence in decision-making. Sponsors are not allowed to interfere with our editorial policy and influence the content of materials posted on the portal.

We have approved rules regarding advertising and sponsorship. We strictly follow them. The main requirement for advertising materials and content from sponsors is their authenticity and value for portal visitors. Therefore, we always reserve the right to independently select advertising and place on the portal only the material that is trustworthy.

Sincerely, Tradernew team.

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