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Detailed review and feedback
Overall rating
Regulation USA (NFA)
Full license
Trading instruments8.3
Commission and fees8.9
Brand popularity6.7
Customer support8.44
Withdrawing money8.5

Basic information about the broker Esperio

Minimum deposit
Years on the market
For registration
Country of registration
St Vincent and the Grenadines
NFA of the United States of America, registration number: 0555194
Phone number
+4 202 340 766 95
Mobile trading
PAMM account
Minimum order
0,01 lot
Account currency
Copying trades
Company address
Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines
Year of foundation
  • Currency pairs
  • CFD contracts
  • Stock Indices
  • Metals
  • Crypto
Account types
  • Esperio Standard
  • Esperio Cent
  • Esperio Invest
  • Esperio MT5 ECN
Payment systems
  • Bank transfer
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Qiwi
  • FasaPay
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney
  • Crypto wallets
  • Metatrader 4
  • Metatrader 5

👍 Company advantages

  • A variety of trading instruments, including stocks, currencies and commodities;
  • Intuitive and convenient trading platform with advanced functionality;
  • Competitive trading conditions such as low spreads and no hidden commissions.

👎 Disadvantages of the company

  • Limited options for payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • Some user reviews indicate possible delays in withdrawals.
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Start trading with a broker Esperio

Brief overview of the company Esperio

Working through a reliable forex broker is one of the key factors for success. You can possess knowledge, trading experience, and a good trading system, but the ultimate outcome largely depends on the quality of service. Let’s examine what Esperio Broker offers and how it managed to become one of the industry leaders with a solid client base.

The registration process at Esperio Forex

Opening Profile is not difficult at all, it will take no more than 15 minutes. On the company’s website, in the top right corner, there is a “Registration” button. Click on it, and on the page that appears, fill in all the necessary fields. The list is standard, including full name, registration address, and passport details. It is worth noting that verification is required to start trading, and it is done quickly enough. Once the client’s identity is confirmed, they gain access to all the functionality without any restrictions. You can deposit funds, withdraw and trade. Download the trading terminal, fund your account, enter the required information, and start trading. There are various options available for making deposits:

  • Bank cards and transfers.
  • Electronic payment systems.
  • Cryptocurrency

According to Esperio Forex reviews, the last option on the list is highly demanded, and many clients highlight the ability to deposit funds using cryptocurrencies as a significant advantage. Transactions are processed much faster compared to other methods.

Trading conditions for trading and investment

Retail investments are rapidly gaining popularity. Currency pairs alone have ceased to be interesting for traders, their horizons have expanded significantly. Companies providing access to financial markets employ different approaches in delivering their services. At Esperio Broker, accounts are divided into different categories:

  • For trading, there is a standard account, cent account and ECN.
  • An account with the name «Invest» is provided for investments.
Esperio Broker

An investment account differs in that it does not have leverage. This is convenient as it eliminates risks and allows for trading in the familiar format in Metatrader. Esperio Forex reviews highlight the broker’s approach as very convenient, separating the deposit for active trading from the investment deposit. As for the list of trading instruments, it includes the following categories:

  • Currency pairs – majors, crosses, exotics.
  • Stock instruments – indices of leading regions, American and European stocks, bonds.
  • Commodities: metals, energy resources, sugar, cocoa, corn, coffee, and so on.
  • Cryptocurrencies.

With the exception of currency pairs, everything mentioned is offered for buying and selling as CFDs. This is a type of contract that is based on an underlying asset and repeats its dynamics. For example, CFDs on oil correspond to oil futures with a delivery in 2 months, which is the most liquid and popular futures contract. Let’s note other trading conditions provided by Esperio Forex:

  • Leverage up to 1:1000 on Standard Account and Cent Account, up to 1:500 on ECN.
  • Stop-out level 20%.
  • Account currency – USD, EUR.
  • Trading platforms Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5.

Spreads depend on the selected Account type and can range from 0 pips. Commission ranges from 0.007% to 0.3% depending on the category of the trading instrument. Currency pairs and indices have the lowest values, while cryptocurrencies have the highest. Esperio Broker reviews note that in conditions of zero spreads, such costs can be considered minimal, which is another significant advantage of the company.

Investment service of the company

In addition to traditional self-trading, the broker also offers opportunities for passive investing and working with pre-built strategies. This is implemented through several services developed on the Esperio platform. Let’s list them:

  • Copytrading system. An investor can familiarize themselves with a list of traders providing signals, evaluate their performance in terms of income, drawdowns, and capital. The history of such accounts is available in the form of charts. Moreover, nothing prevents one from independently developing such an account and becoming a signal provider. The platform operates on a subscription-based algorithm with a percentage commission for profitable trades.
  • Investment portfolios. Essentially, they represent a ready-made strategy within which specific assets are recommended to be purchased, followed by monitoring the portfolio balancing recommendations from Esperio analysts. Each portfolio is accompanied by a description detailing the strategy.
  • Company Fund. It can be said that this is also a portfolio, but participation is implemented through the purchase and sale of units. We buy units, wait for the value of the assets to increase, and sell the units at a higher price.
Esperio Broker reviews

As we can see, the broker pays great attention to investment opportunities, not just trading. Despite the fact that the copy trading system is relatively new, there are already many talented traders with good statistics. You can connect to multiple signal providers, but it will require registering multiple accounts since one account allows you to work with only one signal provider. This is done to avoid problems with margin collateral.

Esperio broker bonuses

Many brokers have bonus programs and offer their clients various opportunities to increase their deposit. Esperio is no exception, as the company has developed a sizable and diverse program that allows clients to receive bonuses in various situations. Let’s list the current bonuses:

  • Extra Empower – receive up to 100% of your deposit amount for a limited time. The bonus is used to maintain positions and avoid forced closure in case of drawdowns.
  • Double Empower – a classic 100% bonus for replenishment with the opportunity to work it off. For every traded lot, the client receives $3 in real funds. Valid for amounts from $500 to $3000.
  • Empower Cashback – clients of a broker with VIP status can count on reimbursement of costs up to 15% of their size.
  • 2% per month on the deposit. For each $1000 replenishment, the client, subject to trading conditions, receives 2% on the remaining deposit balance every month. It turns out 24% per annum.

As we can see, the bonus program stands out with its variety of opportunities. Another important aspect is that there are no time limitations for the listed bonuses. Usually, such offers are seasonal or tied to significant dates.

Advantages and disadvantages in Esperio Broker reviews

The company has already attracted several hundred thousand traders and investors as its clients. They leave their reviews about working with the broker, listing the main advantages and disadvantages. Among the frequently mentioned key advantages, the following should be highlighted:

  • Separation of investment and trading accounts.
  • Deposit and withdrawal in cryptocurrency.
  • Fast order execution.
  • Low costs.
  • Generous bonus program.
  • Availability of ready-made investment solutions.

As for the disadvantages, there aren’t many. Usually, attention is drawn to the limited selection of electronic payment systems for non-trading operations, as well as the availability of only two current investment portfolios. However, clients are generally satisfied with the broker’s performance and acknowledge a high level of service. Esperio is steadily expanding, offering more services and features.

Intending to invest a substantial amount?

If you are a major investor planning to invest over $10,000, please contact us at or reach out to our support service on the website. Our professional consultants are ready to assist you in understanding all aspects of trading and guide you from registration to profit withdrawal, ensuring full disclosure of all stages of the investment process.


All reviews about Esperio from clients

Overall review rating:
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  • Heiko Blau
    Heiko Blau

    Esperio is a very reliable Forex investment brokerage firm. I have been trading with Esperio for over a year and I have never had any problems. I am very happy with their customer service and their customer support team are amazing people.
    One of the things I love about Esperio is that they are very professional. Their customer support team is always available to answer questions and help me with problems if any. I am also very grateful that they always provide accurate market information to help me make the best investment decisions.
    During my dealings with Esperio, I feel safe and confident. Esperio has a history of collaborating with advanced regulatory organizations, ensuring that their operations meet the highest standards.

  • Viktor Koval
    Viktor Koval

    After a lot of searching, I came across reviews of Esperio Broker and decided to give it a try. To my surprise, their services exceeded all expectations. With a user-friendly platform, extensive research resources, and exceptional customer support, Esperio truly stands out. Their transparent commission structure and comprehensive market analysis ensure confident decision-making. I am grateful to them for their qualified guidance and professional approach. I am very glad that I have found such a reliable partner for my investments!

  • Potap

    A very handy and practical resource. I’m still new to the “Esperio Broker” website, but I’ve already made sure of its reliability. The information is reliable, all operations are transparent and understandable. Everything is simple here, and if necessary, the support service promptly comes to the rescue. I am also pleased with the variety of payment systems and a wide range of trading instruments.

  • Emma

    For me, Esperio Broker is already a well-established trading platform. A simple and understandable personal account, an extended list of tools. Also, I can’t help but praise the quick work of the support service. I like Esperio Broker, you can work with this platform

  • Steven Stafford
    Steven Stafford

    Why I chose Esperio, because here you can withdraw funds without hindrance and not have to explain to the support team a million times why I am doing this and not trading. I understand that everyone comes to trade, but I’m sorry, I also have my own needs and if I replenished my account, it does not mean that I will trade all my life and not withdraw funds and it does not matter whether it is profit or body, a withdrawal is a withdrawal, and I do it because I need it. Esperio is not the first company I work with, but this is where I like their service lately, that’s why I work with them. No unnecessary questions and intrusive suggestions, everything is clear and stable.

  • Denis

    I want to say a huge thank you to Esperio Forex!
    First of all for the deposit bonuses, but also for the wide range of languages on the website, which was very helpful for me, as I only know one language.
    I like that Esperio Forex has no minimum deposit, that’s a plus.
    The most important advantage of this site is the access to deposit from absolutely any payment system, it’s very convenient! You don’t have to waste your time looking for a convenient exchanger where you can deposit from your bank, because there is Esperio Forex!

  • Yaroslav Alexeev
    Yaroslav Alexeev

    At the point when I picked Esperio’s organization for work, I took a gander at the standing of the organization, first of all, yet in addition to certain bits of hearsay, yet depended on the individual experience of my old buddy, who carried me to this organization. He is enrolled there as a specialist and made me his subagent as well. My companion assisted me with associating my record to a dealer in the Duplicate Exchanging task, and in this way gotten automated revenue from the exchanging itself. I get the principal benefit as a subagent in light of the fact that I associated another my partner by means of my record utilizing my connection. In this manner, when my partner exchanges, I get installments from Esperio to my office account. My companion gets installments from my associate’s exchanging and my record in Duplicate Exchanging. From the start, it might appear to be muddled, however you want to peruse the terms of collaboration on the site cautiously, and all that will turn out to be clear. I like this sort of work, and I’m content with everything. I suggest this agent.

  • Irina

    When I withdrew my first money, I did not believe that it happens. Why? Because since my childhood I was taught that it was impossible to make money on options and that suckers like me were cheated there. But I tried it, my friend persuaded me and it worked.
    To be more exact. There is a mode in the system where you can try to forecast movements of the chart absolutely free and if you made a right forecast you will go in the plus and vice versa.
    I tried it and bet at random several times.
    I liked it, my eyes lit up like a real gambler’s. When I deposited the minimum on my account, I understood that guessing at random is not the way to go. I have started to watch their videos on YouTube, read reviews about their competent forecasts and their analytical tools. And little by little the puzzle began to take shape. “Guessing was a thing of the past. I have learned how to use analytics and began to bet slowly, feeling out the correctness of the strategy. What I can say today – I learned how to earn on Esperio. And sometimes my earnings from my main job are comparable to what I withdraw from the platform.
    I consider myself lucky that I got acquainted with this system and now I can safely live on the money I earn. Do not believe me? Read Esperio Broker reviews

  • Haim

    The last month has been quite successful. I actually started using Esperio Broker 1.5 months ago, and so far I really like the experience. The managers are very professional, competent and supportive. They will tailor a strategy to your needs and help you develop new ideas. Sort of like a mentor or trader’s coach. You can see it for yourself if you try to work with a broker or just read the reviews first.

  • Willian Jacob
    Willian Jacob

    When I read Esperio Broker reviews, I decided to register and take a closer look at it. Since the last broker started inserting sticks with excellent trading. That was about two months ago.
    After registration and full verification, all that was able to withdraw funds from the last broker, and it was about $ 3,500. I made it, without any problems through the card.
    The impression of the selected account remains good so far. The costs are minimal, all transactions are executed instantly, there are no freezes on the platform. Navigation on the site and in the personal account is convenient, that is, everything is extremely clear. I also want to add that the support service works as it should. Always answers the case, speaks politely. There is a large selection of deposits and withdrawals. But I prefer the map.
    I have withdrawn $750 and $1,270 twice. The withdrawal was no problem, the funds came in 10-25 minutes.
    In general, I am satisfied with the cooperation with the broker so far.

  • Muhamed

    Thank you for your professional approach to solving my issue. Good luck and success to the whole team of this broker. Well done. Thanks for your work. It is with great pleasure that I communicate with specialists. He is always very helpful and resolves issues in a professional manner. Special thanks to her for solving my problem!

  • Arthur

    I only trade with this broker as it is the best for me. Never had any problems with the support, which by the way, unlike many, responds quickly. I was also surprised by the bonus available, which also sets the broker apart from others. Withdrawal was also no problem, everything is quick and can be withdrawn to many payment systems.

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Latest reviews on the site
Heiko Blau

Esperio is a very reliable Forex investment brokerage firm. I have been trading with Esperio for over a year and I have never had any problems. I am very happy with their customer service and their cu...

Viktor Koval

After a lot of searching, I came across reviews of Esperio Broker and decided to give it a try. To my surprise, their services exceeded all expectations. With a user-friendly platform, extensive resea...


A very handy and practical resource. I'm still new to the "Esperio Broker" website, but I've already made sure of its reliability. The information is reliable, all operations are transparent and under...


For me, Esperio Broker is already a well-established trading platform. A simple and understandable personal account, an extended list of tools. Also, I can't help but praise the quick work of the supp...

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